With this hunch in mind, I recently began a conversation that’s led to the latest new beginning. That conversation was with Alex Rainert about joining the design team at Project Florida. I’ve long been excited about working with personal data and ecosystems of software and hardware to design products that solve real human problems and I can’t think of a better area to apply that to than preventative health.

Very excited about this. 

According to the source, Google has some biomedical superstars working in its X Lab on some cutting-edge micro bots that can detect things like certain kinds of cancer. These bots are small enough (the size of blood cells) to fit through human capillaries, yet they can detect diseases in the blood and can trigger an RFID reader, which in turn talks to a watch – perhaps a device running Android Wear.

Putting aside the fact that’s Google deploying robots into our bloodstream represents the ultimate manifestation of the “Google as Skynet” meme, the fact that the 2014 Google I/O nano blood bot rumor is even remotely believable is a testament to Google’s ambition and perceived ability to execute on it.